National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership - NPQSL

TTSA has partnered with The Best Practice Network to offer nationally recognised qualifications as part of a staff enrichment and school improvement programme. This programme is designed for Senior Leadership – NPQSL

  About NPQSL

The National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) is accredited by the Department for Education (DfE). The qualification is delivered by the Outstanding Leaders Partnership (OLP), a collaborative partnership of schools, teaching school alliances and multi-academy trusts, managed and supported by Best Practice Network. NPQSL provides recognition of leadership development and professional achievement for senior leaders who are looking for further professional development but not yet aspiring to headship.

 Entry requirements

NPQSL is for those who are, or are aspiring to become, a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities such as an experienced middle leader, a deputy headteacher, a SEN coordinator, an assistant headteacher, or other senior staff. In order to be accepted onto the qualification candidates must have their application endorsed by their Headteacher via a signed Headteacher declaration that is uploaded as part of the candidate’s application.

 Qualification components

360° leadership diagnostic – Work-based peer feedback at the start and end of the qualification, aligned to content requirements, providing 360° feedback on candidate strengths and areas for development. (2 hours)

Face-to-face events – 3 event days consisting of tailored practice tasks, group networking and self-managed learning interaction supporting powerful dialogue and leadership training. (24 hours)

Online courses 3 facilitated online courses each consisting of 4 modules covering: Strategy & Improvement, Teaching & Curriculum Excellence and Managing Resources & Risk. (60 hours)

Online briefings – A series of online briefings providing key qualification information, support, guidance and assessment insight. (6 hours)

Total of Guided Learning Hours: 92 hours. 

  Benefits for candidates

Improved outcomes for pupils in candidate areas of responsibility

Increased awareness and understanding of self and of the behaviours needed to lead a team

Time to reflect on leadership practice and ability to check learning and development needs

Increased capability and capacity to take on a leadership role – having the skills, knowledge and understanding to do the job more effectively

 Benefits for Schools

Support the succession of school leaders and build cohesive, effective teams

Evidence-based sustainable school improvement undertaken to improve pupil progress and team capability

A professionally aware and informed leader who can make evidence-based decisions and approach new challenges in an effective and efficient manner

The ability to review and evaluate practice in order to bring about change and get the best for young people and staff within the organisation

  TTSA Programme dates

There will be online tutorials and activities to complete between the dates along with the bespoke school improvement project each participant agrees to complete to achieve the qualification.

All face to face training will take place at The Maltings: Maltings Rd, Halifax HX2 0TJ

  15th Dec 2020
  16th March 2021
  22nd June 2021

 Opt to train with TTSA

If you’re interested in taking part in TTSA’s NPQSL then please follow the link below to the online application form. Applicants should also download HT declaration form and ask their headteacher to complete it so that it can be uploaded with the final application.

To complete the programme with TTSA please select us as the recommended provider and then use our unique training code.


If you’d like for your NPQSL training to be taken with Trinity TSA, please use our code TRINITY when submitting your application.

Please visit the Best Practice Network site via the button below and apply using our code!


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