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School Direct: Secondary STEM Paid Internship

Who are STEM internships for?

If you’re an undergraduate in your penultimate year of a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths-related subjects) degree and think you may want to teach secondary maths or physics, then a STEM paid internship could be ideal for you.

Tell me more about the STEM internship programme

The internship is a 4-week teaching observation, training and development programme that takes place in June and July, after your exams. You will:

  • work with the TTSA and its secondary school partners learning the art of teaching the STEM subjects with outstanding practitioners
  • study teaching theory and pedagogical strategies
  • observe STEM teaching
  • develop your communication and presentation skills
  • tutor pupils
  • work towards delivering a lesson of your own.

As an intern, you will be paid £1200 for the 4-week programme.

To apply, you must be a STEM undergraduate in the penultimate year of your degree and with good A level grades in maths (and physics if this is your chosen subject).

What happens after the internship?

If your internship confirms your interest in teaching, we will offer you a careers adviser who will help you when applying for scholarships and bursaries of up to £30,000 (tax-free) for your teacher training. We will also guarantee to interview you for a training place at TTSA.

Want to find out more about STEM paid internships?

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