School Direct: Primary Programme

“We’re so proud of the feedback we receive from schools about our trainees! We choose each one with great care, selecting only those with the attributes for success and the potential to be outstanding teachers. One of the key characteristics we look for is a real passion for making a big positive difference to children’s lives.”
Elaine GuzdekPrimary Programme Lead
Elaine Guzdek Team - Primary Programme Lead

Our primary programme is designed to ensure that you accumulate the skills, knowledge, insight and experience you need for a successful career in primary education.

How will I train?

Your bespoke programme will be varied, challenging and motivating and will incorporate:

  • observation of skilled teachers at work in the classroom, followed by reflection and discussion
  • placements in two contrasting examples of our high quality partner schools, with support from a skilled and dedicated mentor.
  • weekly learning, training, study and assignments covering all aspects of education and pedagogy (eg the National Curriculum, how to prepare, plan and structure lessons; questioning techniques; special needs and behaviour management) and everything a successful teacher needs to know, be and do
  • workshops, tutorials, lectures, guest speakers and small group work
  • experience in early years and secondary phases to build your insight into key issues such as transition.