Adapting to the 'new normal' as a Secondary NQT

Our Secondary NQT programme offers essential advice, training and added networking to adapt to the ‘new normal’ following the COVID-19 lockdown.  All delegates will get a bespoke programme that can be adapted to suit individual need.

  Course details

Our  Secondary NQT programme will further support teachers in developing their professional repertoire of skills as they continue their journey to outstanding as happy, healthy, resilient and highly effective practitioners. Key outcomes include:

18 hours of taught learning with gap tasks to support effective practice
Full audit of need involving NQTs as well as Head Teachers to ensure full coverage of content
Focus on key areas of experience that may have been missed in the ITT year
Networking opportunity with NQTs across schools
Adapting to a ‘new normal’ way of working focusing on upskilling to a ‘blended model’ of education

The course outline is below, this is a very flexible programme and we are perfectly happy to adjust focus according to need or an ever-changing landscape within Education.

  Course dates

Sessions will be run as twilights between 4pm and 6pm.
Sessions will initially be online with the hope we can move to face to face.

 Wednesday 23rd Sept
Introduction, NQT year calendar & programme
The Science of Learning

 Wednesday 14th Oct
COVID-19 – beginning to address the disadvantage gap

 Wednesday 11th Nov
Developing effective behaviour management

 Wednesday 2nd Dec
Developing the power of retrieval in a knowledge rich curriculum

 Wednesday 13th January
Developing voice projection and classroom presence

 Wednesday 3rd February
Developing Dual Coding and its application in lesson planning

 Wednesday 24th March
Developing Questions and Explanations

 Wednesday 5th May
Developing challenge and pushing the most able

 Wednesday 9th June
Planning for end of year review and target setting moving to RQT and positions of responsibility.

Each session would have a specific focus on well being and workload. There is also flexibility to amend the schedule as the year progresses and the landscape potentially alters.

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