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Our SLEs / ALEs / LLEs / NLEs

Primary Specialists Leaders of Education (SLEs)

Lorraine Booth
Tuel Lane Infants School – Early Years

Alex Bale
Woodhouse Primary School – PE

Jane Brown
White Rose Maths – Maths

Vanessa Dear
Field Lane Primary School – Early Years, Maths

Hannah Wood
Siddal Primary School – Early Years, Phonics

Rebecca Lockley
Bradshaw Primary – Early Years

Kate Cotton
Ash Green Primary School – Maths, Leadership & Management, Assessment

Beth Smith
White Rose Maths – Maths

Emma Davison
Trinity MAT – Maths

Jenny Lewis
Akroydon Academy – Maths

Julie Matthews
White Rose Maths – Maths

Rachel Webster
Trinity MAT – Maths

Lucy Young
Woodhouse Primary – Maths

Craig Roberts
Bailiffe Bridge J&I – English

Caroline Bullard
Christ Church CE Pellon – English, Phonics, Closing the Gap

Rosie Eccles
Shipley CE Primary School – English

Emma Hanlon
Trinity MAT – English

Alison Oliver
Norland CE Primary School – Science

Steve Sladdin
Warley Road Primary – Science

Jenny Burrage
White Rose Maths – Maths

James Clegg
White Rose Maths – Maths

Deborah Gardner
St. Mary’s CE Primary School – Writing & Creative Curriculum

Michael Grange
White Rose Maths – Maths

Gary Hamilton-Wilson
Bradshaw Primary School – English, ITT & Behaviour

Olly Hanson
Trinity Teaching School Alliance – ITT, NQT & RQT

Kate Henshall
White Rose Maths – Maths

Amy How
White Rose Maths – Maths

Sarah Howlett
White Rose Maths – Maths

Sarah Nelson
Highbury School – SEN

Kirsty O’ Shea
Ash Green Primary School – Closing the Gap & Assessment

David Sheard
Trinity MAT – Finance

Sam Shutkever
White Rose Maths – Maths

Secondary Specialists Leaders of Education (SLEs)

Dr. Anthony Hoyle
Trinity MAT – Physics

Laura Cooper
Trinity Academy Halifax – English

Owen Davies
Rastrick High School – Maths

Emma Hanlon
Trinity MAT – English

David Sheard
Trinity MAT – Finance

Stuart Pinder
Cathedral Academy – Curriculum Development

Grant Illingworth
Trinity MAT – PE

Leo Timmins
Rastrick High – Behaviour and Attendance

Dean Watson
Rastrick High – Behaviour and Attendance

Sue Marsh
Trinity TSA – ITT, Textiles

Kat Cafferky
Cathedral Academy – Other

Tim Chadwick
White Rose Maths – Maths

Mary-Kate Connolly
White Rose Maths – Maths

Ian Davies
White Rose Maths – Maths

Jessica Easton
White Rose Maths – Maths

Elaine Guzdek
White Rose Maths – Maths

Caroline Hamilton
White Rose Maths – Maths

Jackie Hodson
White Rose Maths – Maths

Simon Bond
White Rose Maths – Maths

Stephanie Kirk
White Rose Maths – Maths

Christina Turner
White Rose Maths – Maths

Alliance Leaders of Education (ALEs)

Sarah Case
Vice Principal, Trinity MAT – Teaching and Learning – Secondary

Tom Taylor
Vice Principal, Trinity MAT – Student Support – Secondary

Debra Barker
Deputy Head, St. Mary’s Primary School – Early Years – Primary

Anne Crane
Woodhouse Primary School – SEN – Primary

Katherine Ellis
Christ Church CE Primary School, Pellon – Early Years & Closing the Gap – Primary

Sharon Harwood
New Road Primary School – Leadership – Primary

Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)

Rebecca Denham
Primary Leadership, Brighter Futures Trust

Robert Fox
Primary Pupil Premium, Longroyde Primary

Emma Midgley
Primary Leadership, Christ Church Pellon

Helen Proctor
Primary Leadership, Bailiff Bridge

Phil Simpson
Primary Leadership, Ling Bob

Tracy Turner
Primary Leadership, Bradshaw Primary

Primary and Secondary National Leaders of Education (NLEs)

Michael Gosling
CEO, Trinity Multi-Academy Trust

Nan Oldfield
Headteacher, Copley Primary School

Lynn Daveney
Headteacher, Woodhouse Primary School

Debbie Sweet
Headteacher, Highbury School

Steve Evans
Headteacher, Rastrick High School

Matthew Hopkins
Headteacher, St. Mary’s CE Primary School