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Maths Support Packages with White Rose Maths

In partnership with maths education specialist White Rose Maths, TTSA is delivering School Improvement Support training packages focusing specifically on maths. These maths support packages target improvement in maths education from EYFS through to KS5.

Who are White Rose Maths?

White Rose Maths partnership with TTSA for School Improvement SupportWe are a group of teachers and mathematicians dedicated to developing maths education for everyone. We believe that maths is an exciting adventure that everyone can enjoy, value and master! Our vision is a world where every teacher of maths is a world-class teacher of maths.

Within our team, our Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE), all highly experienced and passionate maths teachers, are ready to support colleagues who want to make change happen in their classrooms and schools. Our SLEs are not only well versed in the theory of mastery, but practise it in their classrooms. They have a depth of knowledge and experience which enables them to work with others to develop a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress in maths. Inspired and informed by robust, world-class research and global maths experts, we work with teachers and colleagues throughout the UK and internationally.

Why choose White Rose Maths School Improvement?

Our SLEs are specialists immersed in the world of mathematical pedagogy. They have expertise in classroom practice, continue to teach students from EYFS to KS5, and understand the steps needed to implement priorities across a team of maths teachers. Specifically, all SLEs follow the foundations of good implementation as set out in the EEF Guidance Report, Putting Evidence to Work: A School’s Guide to Implementation. This means that implementation of priorities is treated as a process, not an event. The result is that improvements gained are sustainable.

Our SLEs are sensitive to the varying contexts that schools work within. We do not have a ‘one size fits all’ model, and instead, work alongside colleagues in schools to develop pedagogy rather than dictate it. We believe that working together in a partnership is the key to providing the best possible maths education for our children.

How does White Rose Maths School Improvement work?

White Rose Maths School Improvement offers three bespoke packages of support:

White Rose Maths Coaching Programme

Are you striving for school-wide consistency in high-quality maths teaching and learning? 

Are there members of your team who could develop their maths teaching with further intensive support?

A Specialist Leader of Education will coach colleagues to overcome barriers in delivering high-quality maths lessons.

Addressing a Maths Priority

Have you identified a maths priority that you want to address? 

A Specialist Leader of Education will support a Maths Lead to explore, prepare and deliver a targeted package of implementation strategies with clearly defined and sustainable outcomes. It will involve closely working alongside the Maths Lead to deliver sustained improvements related to the identified priority. Support will be provided for all colleagues teaching maths in delivering this shared goal.

White Rose Maths Jigsaw Training Package Plus Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) Support

Are you embedding a mastery approach across mathematics teaching and learning in your school?

This school improvement support package will support the Maths Lead to embed a mastery approach to teaching and learning mathematics. A Specialist Leader of Education will deliver five core mastery CPD sessions:

  • Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract Representations (CPA) – how to use CPA effectively to secure students’ understanding
  • Bar Modelling – having an appreciation of the journey students take from first use of single bar models to solving complex problems using bar modelling
  • Mathematical Talk and Questioning – how promoting rich mathematical talk supports students’ progression in reasoning
  • Problem Solving and Reasoning – this explores how all students can access problem solving and reasoning activities
  • Thinking Through Variation – developing teachers’ understanding of how to incorporate conceptual and procedural variation into teaching

They will intersperse these sessions with school visits to ensure that new learning informs classroom practice:

  • SLE Visit Day One – Focus on CPA and bar modelling
  • SLE Visit Day Two – Focus on mathematical talk and questioning and problem solving and reasoning
  • SLE Visit Day Three – Focus on thinking through variation and plan next steps to ensure that progress made is sustainable

This third session also includes planning the next steps to ensure that progress made is sustainable.

Together each of the five CPD sessions alongside Specialist Leader of Education support, builds effective teaching and learning in maths.


White Rose Maths in partnership with TTSA for School Improvement Support


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