TSST: Maths

Teacher Subject Specialism Training: Maths

I’ve been on (and led) lots of CPD but this one has been a real game changer for me. Every session has given me new methods and strategies for improving the teaching of maths.

Our FREE TTST Maths programme equips you with the subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding to be effective maths teachers who can prove to their students that everyone can do maths!

The feedback was really helpful!

  What will I study?

You’ll complete four exciting and challenging workshops over a period of four months. As well as taking part in a wide range of mathematical activities, you’ll also learn about important pedagogical strategies such as the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach and Bar Modelling.

In between the free workshops, you’ll follow up with tasks and assignments that will strengthen your knowledge and understanding. During the programme, you’ll also complete an in-school task in which you’ll discuss, observe and reflect on a lesson taught either by a qualified colleague or by a Lead Practitioner from one of the Trinity MAT schools

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