Primary RQT Programme

As you all know, retention of our teachers (especially those relatively new to the profession) remains one of the BIGGEST CHALLENGES facing schools. Our RQT programme (now in its FOURTH SUCCESSFUL YEAR) therefore maintains a focus on the issues that evidence points to newly and recently qualified teachers leaving teaching. Consequently, our almost all our RQT programme past participants remain in the profession, the vast majority now undertaking middle (and indeed senior) leadership responsibilities. In the last two years, over 60 have participated in this programme.

“It really helped me translate my appraisal targets into daily classroom practice”

“My workload became manageable and my stress levels reduced”

“The programme built on my NQT year and supported me in accelerating learning of the kids who needed it most”

“I understand how to successfully juggle teaching and leadership responsibilities”

“My head says that I now use my PPA time in an exemplary manner”

“My subject leadership skills have improved significantly”

“I hardly had any days off sick as I always felt on top of everything”


Our well-established and successful primary RQT programme will further support teachers in developing their professional repertoire of skills as they continue their journey to outstanding as happy, healthy, resilient and highly effective practitioners. Key outcomes include:

  • Prioritising work load – identifying stress points – doing LESS BETTER – in line with workload reduction
  • Developing personalised learning for pupils of all abilities with clear, transferable knowledge – drawing on the expertise of leading English SLEs and SLEs from White Rose Maths
  • Using data, pupils’ work and ‘deep dives’ of learning to set effective next steps within a clear, logical sequence
  • Ensuring appropriate provision for SEND pupils and using appropriate assessments to demonstrate progress
  • Setting individual goals linked directly to appraisal
  • Looking beyond the RQT years – taking on increased responsibilities towards leadership
  • Gap tasks to make most effective use of PPA and to develop professional skills


Session 1: Thursday 10 October, 1-4pm

Session 2: Thursday 28 November, 1-4pm

Session 3: Thursday 12 March, 1-4pm

Session 4: Thursday 11 June, 1- 4pm

Programme Dates
Thursday 10 October 2019 1pm - 4pm
Thursday 28 November 2019 1pm - 4pm
Thursday 12 March 2020 1pm - 4pm
Thursday 11 June 2020 1pm - 4pm
Course Leaders
Tina Warden