Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST)

What is TSST?

TSST is a government-funded initiative designed to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialist teachers and those returning to the profession. The scheme aims to raise the quality and availability of teaching expertise in shortage subjects.

Trinity TSA currently offers fully funded TSST programmes for eligible candidates in Maths, Physics and Spanish.

Am I eligible for TSST at Trinity TSA?

You could be eligible for free Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST) with Trinity Teaching School Alliance if this list ls relevant to you…

  • Would like to learn to teach French, Spanish, Physics or Maths but do not currently do so.
  • Is or would like to teach Maths, Physics, or MFL, but did not do a degree in that subject.
  • If you’re a non-contracted supply teacher that’s returning to a permanent post
  • A teacher returning to the profession after an extended break
  • An MFL teacher looking to learn to teach another language
  • If you don’t have a QTS
  • Are an NQT teacher

Further information on eligibility for FREE TSST is available here.

Trinity Teaching School Alliance are currently offering FREE government-funded TSST training in the following subjects: