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Welcome to Trinity Teaching School Alliance’s School Direct

We place our high quality School Direct trainees in primary and secondary schools throughout the alliance. By participating in the programme, you will benefit from hosting a number of trainees. This is based on your capacity to do so, and if you are a secondary setting, the subjects of your choice.

As a Teaching School, we advertise our vacancies and work with you to place the right candidates within your school. A key benefit of the programme is that your trainee becomes a dedicated member of staff for a full year, and is immersed in your culture and ethos. Although as a school you are not obligated to make an offer of employment to your trainee(s), many host schools choose to do so at the end of the programme due to the quality of candidates.

Although the Trinity Teaching School Alliance leads on the recruitment of trainees, we encourage all partner schools to participate in this, as it will deliver key benefits for your school.

As a School Direct partner you can expect:

  • To be involved in the marketing of places. We provide a range of resources such as prospectuses and postcards which we ask that you share amongst networks.
  • To join our interview panels, and be invited to host interview dates for the alliance.
  • Have opportunity to input into our programme, supporting trainees to enjoy the best possible experience.

With all trainees there is a rigorous application and interview process to ensure suitability for training to teach. As an alliance we are proud of the quality of our trainees, and we only recruit those with a clear passion and drive for education, and the potential to become outstanding members of the team.

If you have an unqualified member of staff you think could benefit from becoming qualified with School Direct we can also consider requests for successful candidates to be placed within your school. If you would like to find out more about becoming a School Direct partner please contact our administration team  –

You can also view our information for trainees, including our prospectus, by clicking here.

Are you looking for information about training to teach with the TTSA? We have a dedicated website for trainees – click here to be there now.
Here you can find our prospectus and also hear about some of our trainee experiences.

Visit the Trinity Train to Teach website