Fractions, decimals and percentages: a course for teaching assistants

An additional course in our range designed to help teaching assistants support children enjoy mathematical success, this will help delegates understand the progression through how to teach fractions. Using fraction knowledge, it explores how to link to decimals and percentages to deepen children’s knowledge. This is all supported by concrete and pictorial methods to lead to abstract understanding.

The course will cover:
– What is a fraction?
– Fractions and percentages of amounts
– Calculating with fractions
– Equivalent fractions
– Converting fractions to decimals.

Suitable for:
> Teaching assistants

sAudience chart:
 Primary teaching assistants

Monday 3 July 2017

The Maltings College,
Halifax, HX2 0TJ*
Delivered by: Beth Smith

Monday 3 July 2017- Wednesday 21 June 2017- Please email to book

*Please note that we may offer additional dates and venues throughout the year. We can also offer our training on an in-house basis or to groups of schools, including for clusters. †All prices are subject to VAT.